"Welcome to Boribana Medical Training, your premier destination for excellence in aesthetic medicine education, located in Miami, FL."

Our Mission:
We aim to empower healthcare professionals with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, emphasizing patient safety and satisfaction.

Our Method:
The Cardona Method®, patented by our founder, is at the core of our training programs. This method encompasses advanced injection techniques and places a special emphasis on facial anatomy, ensuring impressive and safe results.

"Elevate Your Career with Our Pathway to Professional Evolution and Success!"

Our Founders:

Established under the distinguished leadership of Dr. Eduardo Cardona and his spouse, Doreen Gutierrez, our educational institution stands as a beacon of excellence in facial aesthetics.

Dr. Cardona, with his pioneering contributions to aesthetic medicine, has significantly advanced facial rejuvenation techniques, applying his method in over 22,000 successful cases and Ms. Gutierrez, with her expertise in business, beauty coaching, and marketing for med spas, synergize to elevate the standards of aesthetic education. Their combined leadership and innovative approaches have propelled our institution to the forefront, offering unmatched expertise and training in the field.

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Miami Training Boutique


We invite healthcare professionals to immerse themselves in a world of knowledge and skill in facial aesthetics. With Boribana Medical Training, you are on the path to mastering the most advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine.